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A place where things become clear.

At ClearView Eye Clinic you will see our commitment to your best vision from the moment you enter our doors. Featuring the latest technologies, nationally-recognized surgeons and world-class facilities, you will enjoy the best in eye care conveniently close to home.


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Rants & Raves

“Dr. Leach, as you know I was a bit nervous at first about having laser vision correction. I had a couple of friends who went out of town to a ‘Discount LASIK Center’. Unfortunately, one of them is still having problems with their vision and regrets her decision to try to save a buck on her eyes. Anyway, I can’t tell you how glad I am to have had my LASIK with you and the “ClearView team”. My vision is sharper than ever and I’m enjoying my NEW life without my glasses! Keep up the great work.”
Bethany T. Pullman, WA
“I was so impressed with the service Dr. Wood provided me, I just couldn’t let it go unnoticed. I wish all doctors were as concerned for their patients like Dr. Wood. The hearing aids he chose for me and his expertise has changed my entire life!”
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am absolutely amazed and awestruck by the results of my most recent cataract surgery by Dr. Leach. By the evening of my surgery, my vision was already pretty good and by bedtime the scratchiness was almost gone. By morning there was no scratchiness. Now a week after surgery, I have 20/20 vision in both eyes! I feel like I have new full color, 3-D, High Definition Vision. I haven’t been able to see this well since I was 7 years old!”