Patient Testimonies

“I knew LASIK was something I was interested in, but the cost was significant and I was apprehensive about the surgery itself. I had worn hard contacts, then soft for 21 years. I worked as a Wilderness Ranger and would clean my contacts in the backcountry (with my dirty hands) and put them in day in and day out. Wearing contacts had become part of my life style and I barely noticed the effort. However, I knew I would like to find out more about LASIK. I called Dr. Leach’s office and I talked with Rhonda. She answered my initial questions and sent a packet in the mail. I read over everything and decided the time wasn’t right.

Rhonda followed up with me and urged me to come in for that initial appointment. I told her I would, fully thinking I was not going to have the surgery. I remember that first appointment, one of the technicians tested my eyes with my contacts and then I took them out and she told me to cover my right eye and read the smallest line I could. I laughed as she started scrolling the eye chart up and up. I couldn’t even see the Big “E” clearly. She asked, “Do you see a white screen?” Dr. Leach came in that day and talked about the procedure. He was unrushed and answered all my questions. He was kind and thorough and was so positive about the results I could experience. His enthusiasm was contagious. I finally became excited; more excited that nervous, but still very nervous. The next month I called to schedule my LASIK.

The day of surgery (and the few days leading up to) I think I talked with ClearView staff 5 times! Each time they answered my questions, down to, “should I eat lunch before I take my Valium?” Yes, there were running early! – what doctor’s office is ready for you before you are?

I sat down in the surgery room and was offered a teddy bear, which I gripped for dear life in one hand and Tech hand in the other. I felt a little pressure in both eyes and then it was over. I sat up and could see much better than the 15 minutes prior. Dr. Leach was happy though and I was sent on my way with sunglasses and no regular glasses. When I woke up a few hours later, I could see the numbers on the CD player! Throughout the night, my sight got better and better. The next morning I woke up and I could see the individual pine needles on the tree out the window. It was amazing! I got motion sick for the first few times riding in a car because everything was so crisp and clear. I was in sensory overload, but so happy! My distance vision has surprised me the most. There is no haze or fuzziness on the horizon. I can’t wait to get back in the woods now!

If it weren’t for Dr. Leach and his amazing staff, I would not have followed through with this life changing experience. Thanks to the whole staff for giving me back this big beautiful world!”

Meredith Malek
“LASIK from Dr. Leach at Clearview Eye Clinic has changed my life like I never would’ve believed. I ride a motorcycle and good eye protection is mandatory. For years my only alternative was to spend upwards of $400 for custom goggles. Then another $200 or so for custom sunglasses. But now without glasses, Motorcycle eyewear is so much less expensive, which saves money for more chrome!

I’ve also done lots of local live theatre, and you portray so much emotion with your eyes. Glasses always obscured that great stare, or sideways glance, and as bad as my eyesight was, I couldn’t just take them off. And contact lenses were always dry and scratchy and felt like they were going to fall out. I did The Odd Couple two days after my LASIK and it was great! I recommend Dr. Leach to everyone. Unchain the shackles of your spectacles! Get your vision back with LASIK from ClearView Eye Clinic and Dr. Leach!!”

Mark Bone, DJ and local radio personality
“Dr. Leach, as you know I was a bit nervous at first about having laser vision correction. I had a couple of friends who went out of town to a ‘Discount LASIK Center’. Unfortunately, one of them is still having problems with their vision and regrets her decision to try to save a buck on her eyes. Anyway, I can’t tell you how glad I am to have had my LASIK with you and the “ClearView team”. My vision is sharper than ever and I’m enjoying my NEW life without my glasses!

Keep up the great work.”

Bethany T. Pullman, WA, Local restauranteur
“I had wanted LASIK for years but I was afraid of the surgery. Dr. Leach and his professional staff told me exactly what to expect. I chose CustomVue IntraLase because it was more accurate, and because it’s bladeless it has much less risk than regular LASIK. The surgery took only a few minutes and was painless. Just moments after my surgery, I could see clearer than ever before. Now my astigmatism is gone and I have 20/15 vision. Finally I can enjoy hunting and fishing without losing my glasses or struggling with my contacts. My husband says the best part is that my lifetime of clear vision cost less than my ATV!”
Rhonda Comstock, RN
“My name is Tanya Buettner and I have to say Dr. Leach is amazing. I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 6 and they were such a pain. My glasses kept breaking, or they were never the correct fit or prescription, and my contacts would move all the time and were really foggy. A few years ago I went in and had a consult elsewhere and was told at that time that I could not get LASIK. I was devastated but what could I do? Recently, a friend had the LASIK with Dr. Leach and told me to go back and get another opinion. So I did and much to my surprise I qualified!

The procedure seemed to take less than 10 min and I was able to see things right away. It was so surreal! Dr. Leach treats you like a friend not just a patient, and the staff does the same. I recommend Dr Leach to anyone because he changed my life–I can now see 20/10!

Thank you Dr. Leach and the entire staff at ClearView.”

Tanya Buettner