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What technology is used during cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery at ClearView involves the use of 3 main types of technology: Incision Technology, Extraction Technology, and Intraocular Lens Technology.

Cutting-edge Incision Technology involves the use of both Bladed and Blade-free incision tools to create a microscopic incision on your eye. This tiny opening allows for the removal of the cataract and the insertion of the new, clear lens. Because multiple incision technologies are available, talk to your surgeon in order to decide which incision technology would be most beneficial for you.

To remove the cataract, your surgeon has the option between two methods. The most common surgical strategy, called Phacoemulsification, involves the use of ultrasound waves to gently break apart the cataract. The surgeon inserts an ultrasound probe in the incision to break apart the cataract and to remove the pieces through a suction tip.

At last, a new Intraocular Lens that is intended to last a lifetime will be placed in your eye. There are many lens options available at ClearView, and each is designed to give you the best possible vision based on your vision and lifestyle goals. ClearView offers the latest lens technologies to ensure your vision is optimized for life.

With all of these technology options, our patients have more choices than ever before to customize their cataract surgery. Let’s look next at the options you have and how they might fit into your vision goals.

Advanced Cataract Lifestyle Test