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2015 Summer Newsletter

Commitment. Community. ClearView. "At ClearView Eye Clinic, you will see our commitment to your vision from the moment you enter our doors. Featuring the latest technology, the most experienced surgeons, and world-class facilities, we've brought the best in eye care close to home." - Dr. David Leach Read More

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Building the Future of Eye Care

When we talk about advancements in vision correction, Dr. Leach and the team at Clear View Eye have been at the forefront of the latest high tech diagnostic and laser based treatments. The new facility being built in Lewiston will provide advanced laser refractive cataract surgery, custom iLASIK, glaucoma treatment, injections for macular degeneration, [...]

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Do you or a loved one have cataracts?

Honoring National Cataract Awareness Month, Dr. Shawn Richards of ClearView Eye Clinic will be offering a presentation on cataracts at the Royal Plaza Care Center in Lewiston Monday June 22nd, 2015 at 1:00 pm. This presentation is free to attend and the general public is welcome. Call 208-746-5100 for more information. Hope to see you [...]

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