Can Technology Hurt Your Vision?

It is hard to imagine a world without computer screens, smart phones, and televisions. We’ve become dependent on bright-screen technology and incorporate it into many aspects of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this comes with a price. Focusing on screens all day and spending less time outside has increased the rate at which people are becoming nearsighted. According to The Atlantic, in 2010, two billion people were nearsighted. That number will more than double by 2050 when a projected 4.8 billion people will struggle seeing objects at a distance.

Many environmental factors contribute to the health and ability of our eyes; one of the biggest factors is the amount of time we spend outside. Being outdoors has many positive effects on our overall health in general and exposing your eyes to natural light is one of the healthiest things for them.

Whether you’re a technology enthusiast, an outdoor person, or somewhere in between, nearsightedness is a frustrating condition to experience. It’s always a good idea to stay active and to expose your eyes to more natural light than the light from a screen. In this technology-drive world, that can be easier said than done. ClearView is here to help customize the best solutions for you if you are struggling with your vision. The future is bright and it can be clear, too.

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